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Safety & Security

Beatrice O’Donnell

Vice Chancellor, Office of Safety & Security

Because security is of paramount importance, City Colleges has identified resources and practices to ensure that all campuses and facilities are safe places for teaching and learning. These include:                            

  • Emergency Response Manual: Each college’s manual details the emergency and evacuation responsibilities and procedures for all personnel.                            
  • All Hazards Safety and Security Plan: This plan for each college and satellite site assesses the current state of preparedness for dealing with threats. It proposes measures to improve preparedness and describes the coordinated response and recovery to a range of natural and man-made occurrences.          
  • Dial 911: Use any City Colleges phone to dial *911 to reach the Security Desk, or call 9-911 to ask for a police or fire department response from the city.                            
  • Supportive Intervention Teams: Active at each college, these teams composed of college leaders, security personnel and other staff members proactively address behavioral issues and conduct threat assessments for anyone presenting a risk of harming themselves or others.                            
  • Web-based alert system: This allows City Colleges' security teams to reach students, faculty and staff in case of emergency via multiple modes of communication. (Sign up here.)                            
  • Training with law-enforcement agencies: Security personnel retrain through sessions with outside law enforcement agencies like the Chicago Police Department.                            
  • Regular security procedure drills: Drills are periodically held at each campus to familiarize faculty, staff and students with emergency procedures.                           
All faculty, staff and students should familiarize themselves with emergency and evacuation procedures by reviewing the Emergency Response Plan and All Hazards plan available on each college’s Campus Safety & Security webpage:
  • Harold Washington Phone: (312) 553-5643 (Location: Room 206)                           
  • Harry S. Truman Phone: (773) 907-4800  (Location: Room 1440)                           
  • Kennedy-King Phone: (773) 602-5148 (Location: Room V-132)                           
  • Malcolm X Phone: (312) 850-7168 (Location: Room 1208)                           
  • Olive-Harvey Phone: (773) 291-6348 (Location: Room 1109)                           
  • Richard J. Daley Phone: (773) 838-7608 (Location: Room 1114)                           
  • Wilbur Wright Phone: (773) 481-8970 (Location: Campus Center)

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Director Peter Fegan

ID Cards
All personnel who enter the building must display an official CCC ID card at all times while in the building. Photo identification cards can be obtained at the District Office Security Desk on the first floor. Lost or stolen cards must be reported immediately. The CCC ID card is the property of the City Colleges of Chicago. The cost of replacing an ID card is $10.00.        

District building hours
The building is open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday thru Friday, and 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday. During holidays and breaks the building is shut down completely unless prior arrangements have been made.  Please notify Security if you are in the building at off hours or working in an isolated area.

District Office Building Evacuation Plan
In the event of a fire alarm emergency, a strobe will activate on the affected floor(s).  Employees should listen to their floor leaders and if an actual fire, the PA system.  If notified to evacuate the building,  do so as quickly and safely as possible using the stairs located on the South, Center and North wings of the building. Follow the instructions of the Chicago Fire Department, Chicago Police Department, Safety & Security, Engineering and the Floor Leaders on your floor.

Each floor has three volunteer floor leaders to assist you during emergencies. Ask your supervisor for a list of the floor leaders on your floor. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​   

Faculty & Staff


Contact Information

(312) 553-2575
(312) 553-3353
226 W. Jackson Boulevard
Chicago, IL 60606-6998
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