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CBS Chicago WBBM Newsradio: At Issue - City Colleges of Chicago

1/26/2014 12:00 AM

CBS Chicago's WBBM newsradio station highlighted City Colleges' recent achievements in its At Issue current affairs show this past weekend. Listen to WBBM Political Editor Craig Dellimore's interview with Chancellor Cheryl Hyman at (the January 27th, 2014, episode): 

The City Colleges of Chicago are proving to be nimble when it comes to keeping up with the training needed for particular careers in the Chicago area. ... The slow but steady resurgence of the City Colleges is partly due to the College to Careers program, which ties individual schools to particular professions. Malcolm X College, for example, focuses on careers in healthcare. And Richard J. Daley College centers on transportation distribution and logistics. Chancellor Cheryl Hyman says industry executives help select a career, design the curriculum, and the colleges are flexible if the job picture changes.  

“We launched a five-year plan where we’re building a new healthcare training facility and a new TDL facility," Chancellor Hyman says. "Some of our partners were able to come in and say, ‘Wait a minute. Don’t invest in that capital infrastructure, invest in this because this is how the markets are getting ready to change.”